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November 2018

It is with a great deal of regret that I share with you the closing, purely for business reasons, of the outpatient specialist gastroenterology practice at NOLA Gastro.

If you, a friend, or a loved one, received patient care at NOLA Gastro, it is important that you continue to read this message.

1. The practice and office is closed.
2. You may fax the practice at 504-308-1460 or send an email to nolagastro@gmail.com
3. For over 20 years I have always supplied patients with copies of their procedure notes and results of any pertinent investigations. That, along with the notes routinely sent any referring physician, should serve as a guideline to assist with ongoing gastroenterology care.
4. Copies of your paper medical records are available to pick up ONLY until December 14, 2018. Bring a photo ID to the office.
5. Prior procedure, pathology, lab and imaging reports can be obtained through your primary physician. They remain available at the place where they were done:

1. Touro Infirmary (Health Information Management Systems, 504-897-8411);
2. Alliance Endoscopy (504-885-7676);
3. Quest or LabCorp; or,
4. Diagnostic Imaging Services (DIS) as appropriate.

6. If calling for a refill, please request your primary physician.
7. If calling for an appointment, please enquire with your primary physician and/or insurance company. Choosing a new physician is ultimately each patient’s decision. And there are many choices available to patients in the Greater New Orelans area.
8. Emergency care resources available to patients enrolled in Medicaid or any plan will continue to include Tulane, LSU and the University Medical Center.
9. IF your IBD (Crohn’s or UC) or Hepatology (Liver) care was co-managed with a physician at Ochsner, please contact them for ongoing care.
10. It has been a privilege and an honor participating in the care of patients in the New Orleans area. I sincerely thank you for your personal support.


Vivek Huilgol, MD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology

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